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Owen Zhang

General Manager

As a founder of the company, Owen Zhang has been working in this industry for over 10 years along with several years of overseas working experience. Bearing a profound insight in each operation point, ranging from operations/customer service to market development and then to overseas business development, he became a perfectionist on this field. As all known in the whole company, that he can be extremely strict with all the details and every aspect of the whole operations, but also can be a close friend who can share with other stuff in life. With his strict management style, he is good at clarifying the processes on operations and at the same time, being very aggressive on sales activities to expand our business! As the team leader of the company, he is definitely an inspirer for all the other members of the team.

Nathan Choy

Trade Manager - Persian Gulf, Red Sea & Sri Lanka

Manager of Middle East and Red Sea Trade, who has years of experience in team building/training and operation and excellent originates from focus. Good at drawing up plans, goal orientation and refined management, and with profound understanding and constant innovation capability in grasping industrial trend and improving service quality and efficiency.

Michael Yang

Trade Manager - Persian Gulf & Europe

Manager of Middle East& European trade lane, a founder of the company, Michael Yang is most industrial and dedicated person. With over a decade of rich experience in freight forwarding, Yang has worked on each post at the grass-root level. Constantly improving and making progress, he has always found pride in the satisfaction and trust of clients and taken as a mission to provide the best service and logistics scheme.

Bruce Chan

Trade Manager – Supply Chain

Manager of the supply chain management, Bruce has been working in international logistics industry for 14 years. Enthusiastic and sincere on his job, also having a sense of mission for each client and full of aspiration with the career, along with years of front-line market experience and special views on logistics, knowing about the deep conception of capital flow and information flow in the international trade, He can always come up with a outstanding solution for every client of us. At the same time, the way that Bruce focuses on his goal in the internal management and details, enable him leading the best team and providing you with excellent services from MGF.

Tata Jiang

Trade Manager - Intra Asia

As the manager of Inter Asia & Japan/Korea trade lane, also a founding member of the company. Tata has been working in Freight Forwarding industry for 11 years and devoting to the route of inter Asia, hence the richest experience and original insight in her related fields. Sincere and dedicated, wise and calm, Tata is good at making hard issues to be simply and quickly solving difficulties for the clients and providing professional logistics schemes.

Jeleck Chen

Trade Manager - Railway & CIS

Manager of Central Asia & Russia Trade Lane, Jeleck has engaged in international railway combined transport business for over 10 years and accumulated the solidest knowledge and rich experience of the industry by working on different posts. Her philosophy on freight forwarding is seeking efficiency and professionalism in work, caring about the needs and urgency of clients.

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